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Organizing workshops is our priority. Currently we offer several of them. 
We publish their dates here every month. By now we offer beginner courses for

enlarging black and white and color photos.

By appointment, we offer advanced courses in both techniques - developing black-and-white and color films, 
a full-day workshop including both film development and photo enlargement and a two-day course that includes
completely everything from the explanation of the basics of shooting on film, its subsequent shooting, developing and enlarging.  

The workshops are lead in czech by default.

printing black and white 1

For beginners with black and white enlargement. 

Choose a date here.


printing color 1

For those who have experience with black and white enlarging but want to try the RA-4 process.

Choose a date here.

developing black and white 1

First recall of black and white material. Also suitable for those who have already developed film, but want better results.

Make an appointmenthere.

developing color 1 

The first development of a color negative by the C-41 process.

Make an appointmenthere. 

develop to print

One day course. You will bring the film you have taken, which we will develop together and then enlarge the photos.

Make an appointmenthere.

shoot to print

Two-day course for one person. We will go through the complete process of shooting film material from theory
only after zooming.

Make an appointmenthere.


Buy your loved ones a voucher for any course.

Order via contact form.

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