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about us

Supralab is new a compact studio in the center of Prague founded in 2023. We are dedicated to the craft of film photography
and everything connected with it. We conduct regular workshops for both experienced and beginners. We offer black-and-white and color photography workshops. Enlarging photos and developing movies.  We also provide bespoke services (for example only contacts from developed films) or tailor-made courses. We consider the main advantage of the lab to be friendly dealings, professional equipment 
and premium materials. All this also thanks to Kampusu Hybernská in whose area we are based

• negative processing from 35mm to 4x5"

• development of black and white films as needed and consultation (XTOL, D-76, Rodinal or 510 Pyro developers)

• development of color negatives by the C-41 process 

• enlarging black and white negatives on RC and FB Ilford, Foma and Bergger paper up to 50x60cm

• enlarging color negatives using the RA-4 process to a size of 30x40cm

• own production of high-quality mounts up to 120 cm in size

• possibility of use from classic Durst condenser enlargers to the most modern LED Heiland Splitgrade system

• using only APO-Rodagon lenses 

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